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Bring it. 



imagine if people were born with traits based on their zodiac signs so like aries had ram horns and hoofs like a satyr and shit how rad would that be

…And what happens if you’re a Libra? Or if (like me) you’re on the Virgo/Libra cusp?

i’d be a bucket… wonderful

At the Anime Stop with Cat…

Me: *spots a small Tallgeese figure on one of the shelves* Want a Tallgeese? ….Errr, not-so-Tallgeese?

We then proceeded to pretty much die laughing at the store for a while.


Hello everyone! 

This is an update for L.Q.! 

There was a bit of a delay because we had to wait for some prints had to be shipped, but books will start going out starting next week in batches!!

After the books are all shipped, extra copies will go back up on to the shop!

Thanks for your support!

beautiful! and i see my art there~ harrharr~ <3

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

  1. Ode to coral - i have no clue sorry.
  2. Hourglass of sadness - Gundam Wing OST (Quatre’s theme ala sad)
  3. Duel - Bond
  4. Paradoxical Paradigm [KAITO ver]
  5. Way to Fall - Starsailor
  6. You spin me round (like a record) - Dead or alive (i’m even giving you the music video version cause i love you guys)
  7. Back in the smell of blood and gunpowder - Gundam Wing OST (Trowa’s awesome fucking theme)
  8. Call me Call me - Cowboy Bebop OST
  9. Underneath the water Game grumps remix - oddboy18 
  10. turn me on Featuring Nicki Minaj - David Guetta


Process of my Lon’qu chibi (here on my deviantart )

It remains only the bust and I will have finish everything for you Roe >w<

d’awe! deary you really didn’t have to spoil me with this awesomely cute chibiiii 8U he’s so cute i love it! *rips shirt and then curls up to sob happily on the floor*


Commission -Lon’qu redesign- by Halouette

Commission for Roe w

look at this gorgeousness. LOOK AT IT!! i love this so much. thank youu!you did a great job on this! i bet it looks even better in person 8U

Lon’qu.. you are now the fabulous bug Prince.

misstooni ASKED →

Some kind of hybrid class like a mage knight?

paladin? sorta? 8U i’ll take it.

Anonymous ASKED →

How about a Valkyrie?

I would not be caught on a horse. too tall and i’m deathly afraid of heights. i’ve been on a pony once. … never again. hehe but thanks tho X3

arthoure ASKED →

Definitely a war monk. Primarily healing but WATCH OUT FOR DAT AXE THO