Hello! this is Roseanne Page! Feel free to call me Roe! This is just a place where I'll post doodles or just random art.

umbreon gijinka made for me by raspbeary

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Lon’qu daki that I made for myself ^_____^

available for preorder here


8I if only i had room in my house for another daki.. 8U

Ahhh I guess we’re now ex-FERP buddies! I’ll still be bothering you on skype, though! :D
indeed! 8D we can both now concentrate on pretty artsies and yay skype bugging!
We’re gonna miss ya but you can be sure I might bug it with an anon question or two! Thank you for telling Yarne where babies came from! You’re were the best Skype Papa’qu we could ask for! I wuv you, Roe! <3 *RIPS FUR*
8U *gives the naked bunny a myrmajacket* hehe i will welcome the anons. and you’re welcome deary. one of the cracky things that blog will be known for that’s for sure
D: Awww, that sucks for us! But I kinda get it. Hope you’ll keep having RP fun wherever you go with the account! *RIPS SHIRT*
YES! *rips shirt* YOU ARE BEST WAIFUUUU! and only if people actually go bug my lon’blog now. but it’s okay. i always have cat to rp with if all else fails. and i could use my spare time to draw or play games 8U

I have decided to quit the group for the sake of my own sanity and productivity. know that papa’qu loves you forever and i’ve had a blast rping with you all. twas my first tumblr rp group and you guys really set the bar high. twas a really great place. there were snags sure but in the end i leave happy. i feel terrible for leaving all of you but Roe must do this.

i will keep my lon’blog as an indie however but i will not actively look for rp partners with it.

i think.. i will cosplay Rikku’s Samurai dressphere look. i love auron but i’m afraid i would not be able to cosplay him.. or at least not end up looking like a child dressed up as the badass that is Auron.

though the only problem is the sword.. how the frick do i make that portable? i really don’t want seams on it 8I i also don’t have the luxury of having a car… hmmm.

i’ve also considered Rikku’s dark knight look but that one would require even more thought into the sword as well as a large worbla budget




Man i haven’t properly drawn a dragon is forever! anywho. The Windsinger giving happy dragons that daily gem/diamond bonus.

…in my head Windsinger is now voiced by the dude in those Old Spice commercials.  Thank you.

You’re welcome. Join me in this new headcanon.


Commission for Roesart! I got commissioned to draw Lon’qu… Ishouldprobablygetbacktofanartingagain “:V
This re-awakened my need to beat that game… so I proceeded to restart AGAIN. Someday, SOMEDAY I will beat it…. butnottoday.

Thanks again for the commission! (I’m sorry I am so slow IpromiseI’mworkingonthem.)

ehheee~ thank you dear~ i love it! he looks so grumpy <33

i have made a banner since the art was just too good to pass up.


Man i haven’t properly drawn a dragon is forever! anywho. The Windsinger giving happy dragons that daily gem/diamond bonus.

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