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That’s right! A giveaway! Since I always like making people happy and it’ll cheer me up as a way to give thanks to the 30+ Followers we have here on the main blog i decided to host a giveaway!

I’m going to have 3 place winners!

Here are the prizes~

1st place winner gets:

  • first pick for 1 coin pouch.
  • their choice of 2 cards from the special set
  • Get to pick 10 cards from the other sets (Gundam set and the pilots)

2nd place winner gets:

  • second pick for 1 coin pouch.
  • second pick of 1 card from the special set
  • second pick 5 cards from the other sets (Gundam set and the pilots. also)

3rd place winner gets:

  • last pick for 1 coin pouch.
  • The last card remaining of the special set
  • And the last card remaining from the other sets.

Now for some rules!

  • Reblogs count as one entry.
  • Likes count as one entry
  • If you happen to be one of the 30+ followers prior to this contest you get one entry.  (only active if you like or reblog this post. that way i know you want to enter)
  • You need to be willing to send me your full mailing address.
  • You can use side blogs or rp blog to enter. and as many as you want. i don’t care as long as i can contact you for your mailing info if you happen to win.
  • Just no giveaway blogs.

Winner will be picked via random name picker generator thingie in a week. so oct 4th

and that’s it! thanks for all the followers and a big hug and snuggles to those we’ve rpied with! you guys are awesome! To be honest i never thought this blog and the gundam kids would be so well received. <33

well this sucks

personal stuff about roe’s life after the read more. feel free to ignore

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Grats on the extra year and wrinkles! AHAHARHARHAR~

jk. ilu

My onion knight wig came in today! YAY! i commissioned Taiyowigs to get it made since i can
't style wigs 8U

here is the link to the wig’s pic posted by Taiyowigs

now i need to paint beads and decorate his hair with them. and of course his helmet 8U


i figured might as well draw up a proper ref sheet for Wing. i will be making ref sheets for all the other kids too.


Ref sheet for Heavyarms! it shows him with and without his metal parts. the port hole for his forehead emblem is hidden by hair obviously. also it can move up and down. why? take a good look at Heavyarms the gundam. right where the emblem is there’s this odd marking. it’s not a seam since it doesn’t go all the way up. to me it looks like a marking of something that can move. So i like to think Heavyarms can “brow” waggle.

gosh he’s got alot of colors and all so obnoxiously bright 8U


Sandrock’s ref sheet time! Mohawk baby. Sandy’s earpieces actually connect to form one continuous piece. also that white line at his waist is from the shirt and not his pants.

Why did i make him wear so much white when he’s the one who love to play in dirt and mud?  right.. the Gundam is like that. never mind~


And finally the ref sheet for Shenlong. I love her dress. It’s so cute.

Since her earpieces are so flat against her head and her hair hides most of them she doesn’t really have to bother taking them off often. She still does though to be fair to the others who have to.


Art ref sheet for Deathscythe! The back of her hair was a little hard to draw. hopefully you guys get the idea 8I

Also note that none of her port holes are visible thanks to her hair. she could pass as a normal little girl if she wanted! XD